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ELSA Projects

Human Rights


Task: Research on Human Rights

  • European Court of Human Rights
  • European Court of Justice
  • European Social Charter and Protection of HR


Projects for later if we have time:

  • WHO
  • UNEP




  • Search landmark cases on HR, collect and organize by subjects and year; Include Conventions and relevant documents; how all of these influence HR on practical level
  • Research on ‘The European Human Rights Protection System’
  • ‘Admissibility guide’ – how to get case to the ECHR


Part of the research is:

  • to contact legal scientists, academics and practitioners to create a forum/community on a selected subject within HR or on HR in general. Creating a newsletter under this forum on selected subject – how to present, keep updated and exchange information for the forum.
  • Approach specialized organizations (Council of Europe, ECHR….etc) as they may have material related to the researched subject made by report or by other document.
  • Research in the Peace Palace Library
  • Co-operate with professors already attached to the project – Judge Egbert


  • Search landmark cases on HR, collect and organize by subjects and year; how these influence HR on practical level
  • ‘Admissibility guide’ – how to get case to the ECJ
  • Compare to the role of ECHR on HR issues


Research on ‘ The European Social Charter and protection of HR’  and role of The European Committee of Social Rights (ECSR)


The European Human Rights protection system

The European continent suffered much devastation from the effects of World War II. To renew efforts of peacekeeping and cooperation with one another after the war ended, leaders throughout the region founded three organizations: the Council of Europe, the European Union (formerly the European Coal and Steel Community), and later, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (formerly the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe). These organizations have survived the Cold War and the fall of Communism, and continue to this day to serve as forums for dialogue and exchange within the European continent.


Although these organizations were founded to bring peace and stability to Europe, they were each established with different purposes:


  • The Council of Europe promotes the rule of law, human rights, and democracy.
  • The European Union was devised as an institution for promoting trade and economic stability for its members.
  • The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) was founded to maintain peace and military security within Europe.


These organizations each have their way and purpose to protect human rights in Europe. In our handbook on the European Human Rights Protection System, we discuss the applicability of the organizations legislations and policies to the safeguarding of human rights in Europe. It is a very valuable legal tool in any academic collection.


LAWS Interns

Legal Academic Worldwide Services   (LAWS)


Internship: Legal Research


LAWS is an international organization aiming at providing human-rights based solutions for global issues.


Contract: Internship Agreement

Starting Date: November/December

Duration: 1 to 2 months (flexible)

Location: Home-based

Remuneration: Voluntary internship; Free publication of your choice from our selection


LAWS is proud to offer you the opportunity to get involved in its activities within the framework of

our Legal projects on:


  1. International Human Rights and Water Law
  2. Human Rights and Ecological Crime
  3. The protection of Human Rights in Arab world
  4. ECHR in Action
  5. ECHR, ECJ and Human Rights
  6. European Social Charter and Protection of HR
  7. Genocide vs. Ecocide


The LAWS is a worldwide unique initiative intended to gather international and national legal instruments and organizations that contribute to the realization of the human rights and raising the awareness of current burning human rights issues.



We are offering several interns to participate in this project regarding the research of relevant documents, case law and  making an organized legal compilation. Your mission will consist in downloading, organizing, reviewing worldwide documents and cases so as to ensure their consistency with the topic. If the compilation would reach a complete and excellent outcome, there is a possibility of making a publication with the name of the contributing researcher. This would give you a unique opportunity to have your own publication.


This work will be conducted through a home-based voluntary internship with

LAWS that will give a confirmation of internship. We are glad to conduct this work while

involving junior lawyers in a unique initiative, the first of its kind worldwide.

I hope you find the LAWS projects as exciting as we do and we very much look forward to cooperating with you so as to progress towards the worldwide realisation of all human rights.


Kind Regards



Project Coordinator

LAWS, The Hague